How Can I Suggest Assisted Living For My Parents?

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How Can I Suggest Assisted Living For My Parents?

Moving into Assisted Living is one of the most difficult decisions your family may need to make for aging parents. It’s overwhelming and most people don’t know where to start. We all want to stay in our own homes for as long as we can, but most of the time, that’s not always an option.

So, how can you bring up the conversation of moving?

  1. Plant an idea. Don’t approach your aging parent as though you’ve already made the decision for them. Simply mention that there are options out there that could make life easier or safer for them.
  2. Research local assisted living facilities and offer to take them on some tours. Drop the subject if they resist, and wait for another day to bring it up.
  3. Use a life lesson when possible. Did dad fall but managed to avoid injury? Use that as a stepping point.  Using an unfortunate event as an opportunity to give your loved one a gentle reality check is sometimes what’s needed to help start a conversation about assisted living.
  4. Ask around to see if anyone you know has a loved one who is already thriving in a local assisted living facility. It’s even better if you find that one of your loved one’s friends has already made the move. We all want to be around our friends!
  5. Stress the benefits and peace-of-mind that increased safety measures will offer both of you. Start talking about how hard the house is to upkeep. Most people simply cannot full take care of home responsibilities when they get older. Living in a safe environment will help an aging parent avoid harmful situations– like the basement stairs.
  6. Highlight the fact that assisted living allows seniors to forgo daily chores and hassles so that they can focus on things they actually want to do. There’s no yard work, but gardening activities are offered. Meals are available in the dining room, but some apartments feature kitchenettes, so seniors can cook if they wish. There’s plenty of freedom to be alone, but also plenty of opportunity for company when they desire it. You know your loved one best, so stress the aspects that you know they’ll enjoy.

Still having trouble? Don’t want to be put in this situation at all?

Let the Senior Planning Group take the stress out of the conversation. Our Geriatric Care Managers help you assess the options and determine the right type of care facility. There are many different levels of care offered in retirement communities today and more options than ever before. As an independent party, we are the ones raising concerns and offering options. You enjoy the benefit of remaining the son or daughter. Many times parents don’t want to be “told” what to do by their adult children. By having a care manager involved, you won’t be telling them what to do– we will!

Please note that we are not a ‘PLACEMENT AGENCY” and do not get paid for referrals. The State of Wisconsin offers different types of licenses which allow assisted living facilities to provide varying services, and the individual facilities may also limit what services they wish to provide. You will benefit from our expertise in carefully assessing your parents needs and knowing which facilities will provide the appropriate care. We have in-depth knowledge of what disability level each facility is willing to accept and which facilities will ask you to leave when your parents money runs out.

We also review key aspects such as activities, personal preferences and location that are important to you and help you prioritize. Finances, costs and understanding the contracts and expectations play into our discussions so you are fully informed.  Not only do we help with all of this, but we can be there for you through the entire process. In other words, we make sure you make the right housing decision the first time!

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