legal trust

Using a Special Needs Trust

The Special Needs Trust (also known as Supplemental Needs Trust) is created to transfer property or money to a person […]
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legal work

Five Common Legal Issues Caregivers Face

There are several reasons why adequate legal planning is crucial, but one that I’ll focus on today is that too […]
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digital age

Managing Finances From Afar

 Get Out of Town: Managing Finances From Afar Whether it’s a long-distance phone call, an email, or a tip from […]
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What Is Hospice?

What exactly is hospice? The term hospice is pretty common word that most people have heard before. Do you truly […]
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assisted living

How Can I Suggest Assisted Living For My Parents?

How Can I Suggest Assisted Living For My Parents? Moving into Assisted Living is one of the most difficult decisions […]
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Is it time to move into an assisted living facility?

When is the right time to move into assisted living? We hear this question all the time from our clients. […]
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How Will We Pay For Long-Term Care?

How will you pay for long-term care? Nobody wants to think about it, but how will you pay for long-term […]
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Elder Law Attorney Wisconsin

Why Should Your Consider Estate Planning?

Why should you consider Estate Planning? When new clients call our office they typically assume that Estate Planning is only […]
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Elderly parent

Does Medicare Cover the Cost of Long-Term Care?

Does Medicare cover the cost of long-term care? No it does not. This is one of the most common misconceptions […]
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Care Management Milwaukee

Becoming a Caregiver for Your Parents

“Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God commanded you, that your days may be long, and that […]
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